Lewis Thomas, III will Reclaim Our Streets

Lewis believes that all communities should feel safe to roam free as they see fit without fear of shootings, robberies, harassment or police brutality. He also firmly believes in the idea of community policing – the idea that police officers must build relationships with the people of the communities they serve in order to make their neighborhoods safe. Community policing also engenders trust, openness and understanding between the police and community. Lewis also believes that police misconduct, police brutality and police corruption must be addressed directly, prosecuted without hesitation and protested in order to address the systemic racism perpetrated against Black and Brown peoples throughout North Philadelphia. Lewis will:

Lead, support and encourage the Philadelphia Police Department to expand; community policing; to all troubled areas of the 181st district; he believes that this will directly effect the; no snitching culture, and crime overall.

Support state legislation that calls for the abolishment of mandatory minimums.

Support legislation that will make Governor Wolf's moratorium on the death penalty permanent.

Support the creation of a 181st district-wide localized police advisory board.

Introduce legislation that will automatically expunge juvenile records upon their entry into adulthood.

Lead a discourse between police and men of the community to examine tangible ways to improve working relationships.

Support legislation at the state-level to decriminalize marijuana.

Support Gun control legislation.

Submit a proposal to create a PAL Center in the 181st District.

Hold monthly meetings with constituents to express any concerns as it relates to crime or police behavior.