Lewis Thomas, III will Reclaim Our Schools

Lewis believes that Education is the pathway to freedom and upward mobility for all people. For the past 17 years, Lewis has been on the front lines of preparing an educated mass of young people equipped with the necessary tools for success. Lewis will continue to fight in Harrisburg on behalf of the children and citizens of the 181st Legislative District, Lewis will: 

Introduce legislation that will mandate the equitable distribution of resources and monies to all public schools in Philadelphia.

Introduce legislation that will ensure a more equitable and fair distribution of state aid towards cities like Philadelphia which compose the largest tax base in the state.

Introduce legislation that will protect worker rights for teachers and staff at Charter Schools. Support legislation to abolish the SRC in Philadelphia and return the School District to local control.

Engage in the aggressive recruitment of more Black male teachers for Philadelphia Schools. Lead the charge in developing a more comprehensive rapid response to struggling public schools.

Support legislation to halt school financial reallocation, which draws resources from community public schools and redirects them in a way that causes irreparable harm. Lead the charge in developing flexible state benchmarks for reading and math. Lead the charge in developing more vocational-technical programs within Philadelphia Schools. 

Introduce legislation creating a long term direct funding stream for Reengagement of high school dropouts.