Lewis Thomas, III will reclaim our Quality Of Life

Lewis believes that the Quality of Life of a community is at the foundation of that community's
success or failure. The 181st Legislative District is one of the most economically imbalanced in
the entire state and Lewis believes it is paramount that all citizens assist in creating
neighborhoods that empower those living in them. Basic community upkeep like cleanliness of
streets, nuisance bars/eateries, inadequate resources for the unemployed and low expectations
for large and small businesses all have contributed to the deterioration of some neighborhoods
within the district. Lewis will:

Utilize State Neighborhood Community grants and city resources to ensure that all
neighborhoods within the district can participate in the 181st Neighborhood Beautification
Project – which will all Block Captains to sustain clean streets but also beautify their streets with
new lamps, trees and flowers.

Create a 181st District Community Fund for small and large businesses within the district to pool
their resources and monies, which then would be allocated to community groups,
neighborhoods, youth organizations and senior activities within the district.
Lead the charge in creating a bi-monthly district wide neighborhood cleanup focusing on
communities in need of neighborhood support.

Meet with the community to identify nuisance bars/eateries; then engage those bars/eateries in
developing a comprehensive plan to improve their business model and relationships with the

Partner with Unions and businesses throughout the city to allocate specified number jobs and
apprenticeships to citizens within the 181st District.